Intermediary Liability 101

Attached to this post are Powerpoint slides introducing intermediary liability basics. This particular deck comes from a great CIDE program in Mexico City. It is descended from others I’ve used over the years teaching at Stanford and Berkeley, presenting at conferences, and training junior lawyers at Google. Ancestral decks that evolved into this one go back to at least 2012. (Which might explain why I struggle with fonts whenever I update them.)

Each time I present these slides, I have to add something new. Intermediary liability is a fast-moving field. The ground shifts beneath our feet, sometimes on a daily basis. This time, I added so much about Europe that I wound up cutting most material about other parts of the world. It is much harder to speak concisely about intermediary liability in countries that have not conveniently formed a legal union and published important materials in English. And for various reasons, mostly to do with economic clout, European law- and policymakers are very much in the driver’s seat these days.

I hope these are helpful, and that others can use them to get students up to speed. I’m putting a CC license on them. Feel free to repurpose them for your own work. If you make useful variants or have your own materials to share, I’d love to see them – drop me a line or put a link in the comments.



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