Law, Borders, and Speech

October 24, 2016
Paul Brest Hall - Stanford University

Twenty years have passed since Johnson and Post’s seminal Law and Borders article appeared in the Stanford Law Review. Its core questions about the Internet, the rule of law, and national sovereignty remain largely unanswered. Today’s headlines and court dockets regularly highlight disputes about which countries’ laws and values will govern Internet users’ online behavior, including their free expression rights.

Policy, Law, and Technology in the Current Crypto Wars

November 2, 2016
Paul Brest Hall - Stanford University

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Stanford Cryptography Policy Project, we are holding an afternoon event highlighting our research and accomplishments over the past year. As our keynote speakers, it is our pleasure to welcome the Honorable Stephen W. Smith, Magistrate Judge of the Southern District of Texas, and Paul S. Grewal, former Magistrate Judge of the Northern District of California.

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