Become a Student at Stanford Law School

Stanford Law School is a place for the ambitious, those intrigued by big questions and the opportunity to explore answers with thought leaders and innovators whose ideas have real impact. Venture beyond the traditional boundaries of legal education here at the institution that pioneered interdisciplinary learning: because Stanford is where the future begins.

JD Program

Stanford Law School offers an intensive, dynamic JD program in an environment that is collegial and interdisciplinary, and part of one of the world’s leading research universities.

Joint Degree Programs

Interdisciplinary education is a hallmark of Stanford University and a distinct strength of Stanford Law, where students can explore the many ways law intersects with other fields.

Advanced Degree Programs – LLM in Law, Science & Technology

The Master of Laws (LLM) in Law, Science & Technology provides rigorous academic and professional training in legal practice and interdisciplinary analysis related to current developments in law, science and technology, including such areas as e-commerce, jurisdiction and dispute resolution in cyberspace, biotechnology and health science issues, intellectual property regimes and contractual developments related to the global information economy, venture capital, and high technology start-up companies.

The LLM in Law, Science & Technology is limited to students with a primary law degree earned outside the United States. Except under unusual circumstances, candidates must have at least two years of professional legal experience before commencing the LLM program.

LLM students are required to be in residence at Stanford during the full (nine month) academic year. They are required to take a minimum of 35 credit units and a maximum of 42 credit units.