Interfaith Leaders Find Common Ground Promoting Internet Freedom

"“If you want a world where #BlackLivesMatter … if you want dignity for #Sikhs and #Muslims and the #99Percent, then #NetNeutrality is your cause too.”

So says Valarie Kaur, an American Sikh lawyer and filmmaker who thinks these popular hashtags are more than just clickbait: they represent the most pressing social justice issues of our time.

Interfaith leaders have long rallied for racial and economic justice and railed against police brutality. Now, with her Faithful Internet campaign, Kaur is calling on America’s religious communities to fight just as hard for net neutrality.

“None of our social justice work would be possible without ‘net neutrality’ — the principle that keeps the Internet an open and free space for all of us,” said Kaur, media and justice fellow at the Stanford Center for Internet and Society."