Comm Daily(R) Notebook

Professor Barbara van Schewick is quoted in this article on net neutrality and broadband regulation:

Reports that the FCC may regulate broadband as a Title I service left some supporters of reclassification under Title II worried about the fate of net neutrality and the follow-through on some National Broadband Plan recommendations, they said at an event organized by Free Press. "The Obama promise of keeping the Internet open and free is at stake," Marvin Ammori, Free Press senior adviser, said on a teleconference. After the Comcast decision, the FCC is left with two options, said Free Press Policy Counsel Aparna Sridhar: "It can continue trying to shoehorn its policies into a Title I framework" or classify data transmission under Title II.

... It would be a mistake to assume that the Title I route wouldn't cause litigation, but the question is how much, said Professor Barbara van Schewick of Stanford Law School. "If we stay under Title I, we'll have to go to court for every single thing we want to do with it," including a Universal Service Fund overhaul and net management rules.