BEREC nails down its Net Neutrality guidelines - is that the end of the tired old debate?

"The neutrality struggle seemed too close to call just a few months ago when BEREC published draft guidelines on how the rules might  be implemented by EU member states in June, and then, taking a leaf out of the FCC playbook, launched a public consultation harvesting nearly half a million responses, most of them presumably pro neutrality.

Meanwhile the telcos lobbied heavily, producing a manifesto in July threatening a 5G investment strike. Back came Internet worthies, Web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee with US law professors Barbara van Schewick and Larry Lessig calling on European regulators to "save the open internet."

BEREC’s consultation appears to have fortified it to come down as firmly pro neutral, ignoring most of the pleas raised by the telco groups who had warned that strong net neutrality would mute innovation and chill their investment plans."