The Neutral Zone: The Future of Net Neutrality

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"Veronica B.: Look at it this way. Imagine Amazon started a larva farm too, and they could pay for faster internet speeds, get on an internet fast lane, and advertise to their customers in a way that Patrick or any startup bug business couldn’t. See the problem? Okay, the edible bug-growing business might not be a priority for Amazon at the moment, but did you think Amazon would ever buy a grocery chain until they bought wholefoods? 10 years ago, did you think Google would get into self-driving cars? Whatever the FCC chair or the ISPs say, net neutrality supporters will argue that it’s been baked into the web from the beginning.

Barbara van S. : In fact, that was the whole beauty of the internet that it was just providing an open platform and that the network didn’t need to know what people were doing online.
Veronica B.: Barbara van Schewick wrote the book on the internet. It’s called Internet Architecture and Innovation.
Dominic Girard : And she’s pretty clear at explaining why she isn’t buying what the ISPs are selling."

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