Innovation or Exploitation? (Audio)

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Have you ever borrowed a smartphone without asking? Modified a URL? Scraped a website? Called an undocumented API? Congratulations: you might have violated federal law! A 1986 statute, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA), provides both civil and criminal remedies for mere "unauthorized" access to a computer.

This event aimed to provide a geek perspective on the CFAA. Leading researchers, tinkerers, and entrepreneurs explained the broad reach of computer trespass law and their first-hand experience with its chilling effects. All agree that serious intrusions warrant a remedy. But how can the law better distinguish between innovation and exploitation?
Ed Felten, Princeton University
Jennifer Granick, Stanford University
Brewster Kahle, Internet Archive
Jonathan Mayer, Stanford University
Alex Stamos, Artemis Internet
Dan Auerbach, Electronic Frontier Foundation


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