The Stanford Intermediary Liability Lab

The first meeting of the Stanford Intermediary Liability Lab (SILLab) will take place on Thursday, November 21 at 4pm in room Neukom 104 at Stanford Law School.

The SILLab is a project of the new intermediary liability focus area of the Center for Internet and Society at Stanford Law School, whose core mission you may review at The SILLab will serve the goal of allowing the SLS community to share knowledge on intermediary liability related issues, contribute to the creation of an online Intermediary Liability Map, organize conferences and workshops, write blog posts and papers, and reach out to the leading communications intermediaries and other platforms to find ways to work together to promote free speech and innovation on line.

The SILLab will organize bimonthly meetings to achieve these goals. We have set up a mailing list and a Facebook group at  to facilitate group interaction. If you are interested in participating to the activities of the SILLab, please join our Facebook group, provide us with your email address to be included in the mailing list and come to our meetings!

Please email me at for any additional information. A lengthier explanation of the SILLab’s activities can be found here.

Join us and get involved with the SILLab!

Everyone is invited to this event.

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