Sony v. Tenenbaum: Amicus Brief Urges Due Process Review of Copyright Damages Awards

On Monday we filed an amicus brief on behalf of the Electronic Frontier Foundation in the Sony v. Tenenbaum case, pending in in the First Circuit Court of Appeals. Tenebaum was sued and found liable for copyright infringement for sharing 30 music files. The jury awarded the record label plaintiffs $675,000 in damages. The District Court reduced that award to $67,500, citing constitutional and fairness concerns. Our brief urged the First Circuit to to affirm the reduced award and to comply with the requirements of due process by ensuring that damages in copyright infringement cases bear a reasonable relationship to actual harm inflicted. We were co-counsel on the brief with the Samuelson Law, Technology & Public Policy Clinic and EFF.

A copy of the brief is attached.  

And you can read more here:

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