Beautiful Alarmism


Ryan, Dylan put me on to your website through this service. Good to learn a little about what you are doing. I thought the movie was a bit alarmist, I'm still not convinced the technology would be used to corral dissidents or opponents. Many of the uses do not really invade the expectation of privacy----central traffic zones, airline passengers,etc. But it's good you're onto these schemes, and I trust you'll be able to warn us of their potential for abuse, in the wrong hands or otherwise.

I can certainly understand how too much monitoring is a risk to our freedoms and there are aspects of the Alarmism video that alarm me.
But, I think it is important to propose a better solution, i.e. where do you draw the line? How much is enough without being too much?
In the home buying business we already have buyers signing dozens of documents and providing credit reports from multiple sources, is someone going to want to do police reports too?

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