Lexicon Resurrected

As announced yesterday and reported first by the Leaky Cauldron and then the Associated Press, RDR Books has withdrawn its appeal from the Court's decision enjoining the publication of the Lexicon, and will publish a new Lexicon instead.

Following the trial and the Court's decision, Steve Vander Ark created a new Lexicon manuscript. That manuscript addressed some of the concerns expressed by J.K. Rowling at trial, and those expressed by Judge Patterson in his thorough and detailed decision. As it turns out, Vander Ark and RDR like the new manuscript much more than the old one, and they decided they are much more excited to publish the new manuscript instead of the old one.

Apparently, they're not alone. A representative of Rowling's literary agency released a statement saying they are "delighted" with the resolution of the case.

You might remember the Resurrection Stone (one of the Deathly Hallows) has the power to summon the dead, though not to bring them back altogether. Harry used the stone to conjure the spirits of his parents and friends to steel himself before his final encounter with Voldemort. Like Harry, the original Lexicon is gone. Nothing can bring it back now, but its spirit inhabits a new and altogether better Lexicon, which will now help guide readers on their own journeys through the world of Harry Potter.

Look for the Lexicon to hit bookstores in January.

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