International Cybercrime (Of The Horse)

A colleague and I were just discussing a new international working group, chaired by the FBI, which has “band[ed] together to fight cyber crime in a synergistic way.” The group is called the Strategic Alliance Cyber Crime Working Group; it even has a tagline: “Cyber Solidarity: Five Nations, One Mission.”

One can’t help but feel that the Canadians, in assigning cybercrime to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, took Frank Easterbrook’s “Cyberspace and the Law of the Horse” analogy a little too literally. And I wonder at leaving out Asia and Africa -- Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, and Russia being four of the top ten nations to house perpetrators of online crimes. But this is probably a positive development with respect to combating some types of crime. Additional thoughts welcome.


Well considering the fact that the FBI chairs this workgroup it is safe to say that the most widespread cybercrime, unsollicited commercial emails (colloquially called spam) will still not be combatted.
??"E-mail has spawned one of the most significant forms of cybercrime—spam, or unsolicited advertisements for products and services, which experts estimate to comprise roughly 50 percent of the e-mail circulating on the Internet."??[1]
??The 10 Worst Spam Origin Countries As at 14 May 2008??
??Rank - Country - # of Current Known Spam Issues??
??**1 - United States - 1512**??
??2 - China - 420??
??3 - Russian Federation - 283??
??4 - United Kingdom - 197??
??5 - South Korea - 196??
??6 - Germany - 187??
??7 - Japan - 156??
??8 - France - 150??
??9 - India - 125??
??10 - Brazil - 124??[2]

Good to see countries trying to work together. Hopefully additional countries will be added later. Five nations, one mission is a good start.
The link you have to Strategic Alliance Cyber Crime Working Group includes an extra quote at the end (cybergroup_031708.html"). People clicking on the link won't get to the page. Just thought I would mention it.

Thanks for your comment and helpful suggestion. I've made the change.

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