National Security Letters and the FBI Abuses

I weigh in on NSLs and the FBI with today’s Circuit Court column: FBI Slips Demand Patriot Act Cuts.

I think the most interesting part of the column is the end where I try to grapple with the FBI’s assertion that the lower standard of proof for national security letters is really helpful to their investigations. While its a small part of this column, its an issue I plan to discuss more in future columns, and as Congress begins to reconsider the USAPATRIOT grant of powers in light of the FBI abuses.


When news of the FBI privacy abuses broke it barely invoked a yawn with me. The Patriot Act was never anything but an FBI wishlist to effectively destroy three-hundred years of 4th Amendment jurisprudence and virtually all state and federal privacy statutes. And now we're surprized?
David Sloane

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