CC Announces CCLearn; ED Position Open

Creative Commons is launching a new initiative CCLearn "to break down the barriers - whether legal, technical or cultural - between different collections of open educational content."

"Our goal is to make material more "interoperable," to speed up the virtuous cycle of use, experimentation and reuse, to spread the word about the value of open educational content, and to change the culture of repositories to one focused on "helping build a usable network of content worldwide" rather than "helping build the stuff on our site."

Job Description for Executive Director.

From CC Board Member Jamie Boyle:

This is a really exciting initiative. Imagine a global network of open and free educational content, with curricula customized to different states or countries, with experimentation across multiple sites and multiple platforms, so that someone else can find things to do with my content that I never thought of... Imagine bringing into the open educational content community hundreds of thousands of teachers, students and volunteers. Imagine pursuing ease of discovery and use of educational material with the same ingenuity and dedication that we invest in making e-commerce systems work well or in allowing teenagers to flirt with each other on social networking sites.

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