I have to write again about the group of good people over at GOOD MAGAZINE. I just read their fancy press kit. Not only does it make me want the magazine, it makes me want to be their target audience. They describe their readers:

Good is the platform of an emerging movement of ambitious, intelligent, youthful adults who want to be happy, successful and good. This participatory audience of educated, media-savvy, engaged, creative, worldly, critical, trend-setting 21 to 35 year-olds represents the young-minded citizens shaping the future of our planet.

Good’s readers have been raised on the benefits of capitalism, and now they’re interested in making the market work better for more people and for the environment. They like money, but want to put it to good use. They are hungry for news, but suspicious of their sources of information. They are discriminating, conscious consumers who actively seek out quality, innovation and responsibility in the products they purchase and the companies behind them. They are social metropolitans who are not defined by what they do, but by how and why they do it.

Now who wouldn't want to be in that crowd?


"Good Idea" unless you're over 35? I hate to break it to the "Good" people, but one can still be educated, media-savvy, engaged, creative, worldly, critical, and trend-setting well beyond the age of 35 (as they will find out). One also could - and should - be shaping the future of our planet until she/he dies. I've been waiting for decades for the next generation that would actually care, so welcome.
- Middle Aged and "Good" Enough
P.S. - I enjoy your blog.

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