Seattle Sun

My brother sent me this funny video of my 4-year old nephew, Anders, playing in the Seattle summer weather. I love that it's so easy to send digital images and films. (This actually marks the first time we've exchanged family film by email). Since I live so far away from them, it's so great to be able to stay connected this way.

My brother titled the film "Anders Hydro Racing," alluding to the Seafair hydro races which take place each summer on Lake Washington. As a kid growing up in Kirkland, just east of Seattle, we could actually hear the races taking place on the lake miles away from our house. (Today, I'm personally not a big fan of all that noise, not to mention what the oil/polution from the boats must do to the lake water.) Though news reports say that Canada's Jean Theoret won the races (driving LLumar Window Film), Anders is obviously the true winner of this year's races from my perspective...

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