Mary Rundle is a fellow with the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard Law School and a non-resident fellow with the Center for Internet and Society at Stanford Law School. Through the Net Dialogue project, she has been mapping ways in which governments are working in international organizations to iron out common policies for the networked world.

Prior to these appointments Mary served as a Legal Affairs Officer for the World Trade Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. Her work there concentrated on development, regional trade agreements, financial crisis management, and trade-related investment measures. This role provided an interesting vantage point from which to watch international organizations respond to the information revolution, and to witness public reactions against globalization. Such dynamics prompted her to take up joint fellowship appointments at the Harvard Information Infrastructure Project, the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, and the Center for Business-Government Relations at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, where she first began exploring Net governance in depth.

Mary earned a Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies from the University of Virginia, as well as a Master of Science in Foreign Service and a Juris Doctor from Georgetown University. During graduate studies Mary held several positions that focused on public policy issues from an international perspective. She is a member of the New York bar.

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