Omarosa's White House Recordings Are Raising Security Concerns — Experts Break It Down

"Richard Forno, Assistant Director of the UMBC Center for Cybersecurity and Director of the Cybersecurity Graduate Program at UMBC, however, sees it as evidence of the Trump administration's failure to take security seriously — something that Sanders' take on the situation ignores completely. Forno notes two major issues that Omarosa's recordings bring up regarding security in the White House — the fact that she was able to break the protocols in place surrounding the use of recording devices in secure places, but also the fact that she wanted to do it at all.

"It raises a bigger question that a White House staff person felt the need to do that, to essentially break with protocol for whatever purpose — to cover herself, or to collect gotcha material," Forno tells Bustle. "It reflects the culture in this current White House."