• Cookie Clearinghouse

    The Cookie Clearinghouse provides information for users to make choices about online privacy. The Cookie Clearinghouse publishes free-to-use information for web browsers, users, and others.

  • Crypto Policy Project

    Encryption helps human rights workers, activists, journalists, financial institutions, innovative businesses, and governments protect the confidentiality, integrity, and economic value of their activities.

  • Documentary Film Program

    The Documentary Film Program provides filmmakers with information about fair use, access to insurance for liability arising out of copyright litigation, and access to lawyers who will defend copyright claims pro bono or at reduced rates.
  • Fair Use Project

    The Fair Use Project (FUP) was founded in 2006 to provide legal support to a range of projects designed to clarify, and extend, the boundaries of fair use in order to enhance creative freedom and protect important public rights.

  • Legal Aspects of Autonomous Driving

    Understanding how the law will and should apply to driverless cars---explicitly lawful in at least one state---presents an urgent challenge. The Legal Aspects of Autonomous Driving program is a unique collaboration between the Law School and the School of Engineering that explores the legal, policy, and social aspects of greater vehicle automation.

  • Notice by Design

    The Notice by Design program applies human‐computer interaction research and experimentation to consumer problems such as online privacy. This widely-discussed research leverages legal expertise in privacy with post-graduate research in user interface design.

  • Privicons

    Privicons is a simple approach to expressing how you want your email to be treated by the recipient. Do you want it [X]kept secret? Or do you want the information to be [>]shared with the world? Think of it as washing tags for email privacy.

  • WhatApp

    Users and experts review online and mobile apps and platforms for privacy, security, and openness.  Check it out at

  • World Intermediary Liability Map (WILMap)

    The World Intermediary Liability Map (WILMap) is an online resource informing the public about evolving Internet regulation affecting freedom of expression and user rights worldwide.