FCC outlines proposal for regulating broadband providers' privacy practices

"Omer Tene, Vice President of Research and Education at the policy-neutral International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), acknowledged in an interview with SCMagazine.com that there is an inherent risk in shifting authority to a new agency because “you lose the guidelines and the standards that the FTC has set forth,” including “more than 150 enforcement actions.”

“When you suddenly shift to an agency that doesn't have that long and well-established of a track record, it's important to set down these rules,” added Tene, who was encouraged that many elements of the FCC's proposal seem to be “in line with… previous [FCC] enforcement actions” against broadband providers that were found to have committed privacy violations.

The key, added Tene, is making sure that FCC's policies continue to be communicated clearly to broadband providers moving forward. “For businesses, usually the most important thing is to know where they stand and to know what the rules of engagement are. That's usually more important than what the specific rules actually are,” he said."