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Hearsay Culture shows #100 and 101 -- william patry and larry downes -- posted

I am thrilled to post shows #100 and 101 at Hearsay Culture [where this post is cross-posted]. After over three years of shows, a few thank yous are appropriate. While I get into an Oscar-type thank you speech on show #100, I thank my friends at KZSU-FM (especially Mark Lawrence and Kathryn Todd, as well as numerous DJs) and Stanford Law School (especially former Center for Internet and Society colleagues Lauren Gelman, Jennifer Granick and Larry Lessig, as well as Mark Lemley and Joe Neto) for their early, continuing and ongoing support! Of course, the show would not be what it is without great guests, and I thank all 101! Lastly, thanks much to my wonderful wife Heidi, who has been my staunchest supporter and friend, and without whom I would be far the poorer.

Show #100, October 28 is my interview with William Patry, Esq., Senior Copyright Counsel at Google, author of Moral Panics and the Copyright Wars. Bill has written a thorough and descriptive overview of the state of the battle over the contours of copyright. In the interview, we discuss his personal interactions with Jack Valenti, as well as his critique of the nature of language in the efforts to frame the issues from all sides. While we do not discuss the status of the book search settlement negotiations, we cover plenty of fertile ground and I greatly enjoyed his insights and our discussion (hopefully Bill will come back on after the settlement is complete!)

Show #101, November 4 is my interview with Larry Downes, author of The Laws of Disruption. Larry's book, written for a broad audience, shows how technology has outpaced law in a variety of areas. We discuss a wide range of topics in furtherance of understanding how we might react to various changes in technology and society. Larry's book is eminently readable and I greatly enjoyed the show and discussion!

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