Historic FCC Vote will Protect the Future of America's Economy and Democracy

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Other Writing
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March 6, 2015
Today [February 26, 2015], the FCC voted to adopt strong network neutrality rules based on Title II of the Communications Act. Here is my statement:
"Today's vote is among the greatest public interest victories in U.S. history. The FCC's strong rules banning blocking, throttling and paid prioritization will help protect innovation, economic growth, and democratic discourse in America. These bright-line rules will provide certainty to the market, keep the costs of regulation low, and limit regulatory overreach. Most importantly, they ensure that every American -- no matter the size of their wallets or the color of their skin -- has an equal chance to innovate and reach people online. By keeping the costs of innovation low, the FCC protects the Internet version of the American dream. For the first time, network neutrality rules apply equally to fixed and mobile networks, ensuring that Internet users are protected no matter how they access the Internet.

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