Hearsay Culture Show #70 -- Prof. Michael Meurer -- posted

In connection with IPSC, being hosted at Stanford in the next few days, I thought I'd mention that I've posted Show #70 of Hearsay Culture, my interview with Prof. Michael Meurer of Boston University School of Law, co-author of Patent Failure. Patent Failure is an excellent empirical analysis of the basic question: is patent law doing what we think intellectual property law should do (namely, encourage innovation)? In our discussion, we discuss, among other topics, the current state of patent law, the basis for the provocative title of the book, the arguments regarding software patents, and why we should (or shouldn't) radically alter or eliminate the patent system entirely. It was fun, and I hope that you enjoy the interview!

Incidentally, later in the year, I'll be interviewing Profs. David Levine (David Levines are everywhere!) and Michele Boldrin of Washington University in St. Louis, authors of Against Intellectual Monopoly. The contrast to Patent Failure should be enlightening.

Look for new shows in a few weeks!

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