Aguiar v. Webb: Documentary Film Program Defends Filmmaker's Fair Use and Free Speech Rights

Plaintiff William V. Aguiar III, sued documentary filmmaker Floyd Webb, alleging that Webb's promotional website and film trailer for his upcoming film infringe on copyrights and trademarks that Aguiar claims to own. Webb's film, "The Search for Count Dante," will chronicle the real-life odyssey of martial arts master John Keehan, a.k.a. Count Juan Raphael Dante -- "The Crown Prince of Death."

Aguiar, the asserted heir to Dante's legacy and intellectual property, succeeded in temporarily shutting down Webb's promotional website and removing his video trailers from YouTube. Having succeeded in restoring all of the above, we are defending Webb against Aguiar's false claims of infringement, and have filed a counterclaim for misrepresentation of copyright under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and declarations of non-infringement.

See the full press release at Stanford Law School's News Center:

See the website for the film, The Search for Count Dante:

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