Electronic filings coming soon to the Copyright Office

The Copyright Office reports it's final rule about electronic copyright submissions and fees. Starting July 2 (for a limited number of copyright claims) it will begin accepting submissions of electronic copyright applications. The fees for electronic submissions will be $10 less than paper. (Electronic filing fees will be $35, while paper will remain $45)

It is intended that the dual fee will not only reflect the reduced costs of processing electronic claims, but will also provide an incentive to potential electronic filers


Congress has 120 days from February 21, 2007 [that is, June 21, 2007], to review the statutory fees submitted to it, codified in §201.3(c). If no legislation is enacted barring adoption of these fees, the $35 proposed fee for registration of copyright claims submitted electronically will be adopted, effective July 1, 2007.

I'm looking forward to testing out the beta electronic submission process.

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