Current Main Writing Projects

Book-length projects
The Making of the Great War Generation (in progress)
A comparative biography reexamining the meaning of generation, with particular attention paid to gender and those not generally included in the canonized literature (although the canonized writers are very much part of the project.) Individuals discussed include Vera Brittain, Erich Maria Remarque, Edmund Blunden, Mary Lee, Malcolm Cowley, Ezra Pound, Agatha Christie, Dorothy Sayers, R.C. Sherriff, Robert Graves, and many, many others.

Copyright and a Scholar’s Work: Culture,Theory and Practice (in progress).
This book-length work seeks to present key copyright issues surrounding the cultural artifacts that academics use and create in the pursuit of research and teaching. The work is conceived of in topical chapters: objects, access, freedom, ownership, trade, and practicalities.

Law review articles (in progress)

“Jan 1, 2003: The Birth of the Unpublished Public Domain” (in progress; expected completion September 2005).

"Fair Use in the Blogging Era: Changing Legal and Cultural Norms?"

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