Three Ideas for Solving the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

"Scott Shackelford, chair of the cybersecurity program at Indiana University, Bloomington, says one big cause of the shortage is the lack of a focused talent pipeline. To train more cybersecurity workers and make them available to local government and other organizations, he proposes a “Cybersecurity Peace Corps.”

The model would be similar to the Peace Corps and AmeriCorps programs, he explains, but would be specific to cybersecurity jobs. The program would place workers with nonprofits and other organizations that couldn’t afford them otherwise, and pay for their salaries and training, Dr. Shackelford says.

“On the one hand, you’re actually helping a lot of in-need stakeholders that just frankly don’t have enough resources” to put toward cybersecurity issues, he says. “It would also help build out this pipeline, ideally pretty quickly.”"