FTC says data and privacy are top security concerns

"Andrea Matwyshyn, professor of Law at Northeastern University and Microsoft Visiting Professor at Princeton’s Center for Information Technology Policy, said, “Security enables good functionality and consumer trust, but we need a regulatory scalpel, not a regulatory ax.”

Regulations can ensure better quality, functionality, security, and privacy, but Matwyshyn warned, “Some regulation can be damaging. When we start to apply a heavier lens, we’re disrupting innovation.”

Arguing for diversity in the marketplace, Matwyshyn raised the question of technology suitability. “Just because we can add Bluetooth or WiFi doesn’t mean it’s optimal. There are consumers that don’t want the most advanced highly connected device.”

While Matwyshyn argued that fewer connected devices is a market opportunity, the IoT has infiltrated itself into our society, and the latest innovations—whether needed or not—are in high demand. In order to secure the data and the devices, information sharing needs to change.

“One key focus is the idea of information sharing,” said Matwyshyn. “The average quality of security advisories is not good. We need information rich security advisories.”"