Enforcing Net Neutrality in India: what to know before TRAI's open house discussion

"Barbara van Schewick, Stanford law professor, argued in her filing that regulation should make clear that TMPs should be as “application agnostic” as possible, which means they should not slow down specific types of content or specific applications, when other ways to manage traffic exist. Professor van Schewick’s filings and work were cited in the 2016 discriminatory tariff prohibition."

Professor van Schewick pointed out that 5G will also increase the overall bandwidth available in networks. She added, “Internet access providers have argued that they want to use 5G technology to offer special treatment under the specialized services exception to any app that pays them a fee, and some commenters in this proceeding seem to suggest the same. But that’s not what specialized services are for; they are supposed to be for apps that simply can’t work on the normal internet [emphasis ours].” Citing the example of remote surgery, she said that applications that really need the level of quality that cannot be achieved on the regular internet should get a 5G network slice that does not affect general users."