The death of America's net neutrality and how it affects you

"Everyone will feel they need to be in the fast lane, but the ones who can afford it are the big media companies, says Ryan Singel. "If a video doesn't load quickly, you give it about 3 seconds and you bounce, but also what if someone live streaming a protest can't get the video to load."

The big concerns are, if it becomes more expensive to be online then the people who are hurt the most are marginalized and disenfranchised voices.

"Stanford has found that net neutrality will hurt small newsrooms," says Ryan Singel." "The things we like now, how you can write and be heard, how you can make and show cool art." It will be small effects that happen over time as ISPs are allowed to abuse their monopsony control over access to users. "The only way to get to a Comcast subscriber is through Comcast.""