The Cybersecurity 202: Apple's latest security fix is deepening divisions over FBI access

"But proponents of tough security on consumer devices, such as Riana Pfefferkorn, cryptography fellow at the Stanford Center for Internet and Society, say there will always be ways for investigators to get the data they need. 

“There will always be security flaws in every model of iPhone, every version of iOS, despite Apple's best efforts,” Pfefferkorn said. “Vendors like Cellebrite — as well as the FBI's own internal staff, jailbreakers, bug bounty hunters, and so on — will hammer on every new version to find the bugs and then develop or update their tools to exploit those bugs.”

“Apple is doing the responsible thing here,” she added. “If a company learns that its product's security has been undermined by a third-party tool, the only responsible thing to do is fix the security flaw.”"