Bad news for AT&T and Comcast: Calif. Senate panel OKs net neutrality bill

"Wiener's legislation is "the only state-level bill that fully restores all of the 2015 net neutrality protections," Stanford law professor Barbara van Schewick told the committee. "That's why it's widely viewed as a net neutrality model bill, and that's why [former] FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, who literally wrote the 2015 order, supports this bill."

The FCC's net neutrality rules are technically still on the books but are slated to be repealed.

"Today, the Internet is a space where every Californian, no matter the color of their skin or the size of their wallets, has equal chance of reaching people online," van Schewick told the committee shortly before the vote. "It's a space where we the people—not AT&T and Comcast—determine what succeeds in our economy, our culture, and our democracy. I hope you will vote to keep it that way.""