Net Neutrality: The Battle to Keep the Internet Open and Free with Barbara van Schewic

It's easy to take for granted that we get to use the websites and apps of our choice. That's thanks to net neutrality, the principle that we get to make those decisions, not the companies we pay to get online. But in 2017, the FCC decided to eliminate net neutrality. Come explore what net neutrality is, why it matters for innovation and free speech, and where we are in the fight to restore strong protections in the U.S. 
Barbara van Schewick, Helen L. Crocker Faculty Scholar at Stanford Law School, director of the Center for Internet and Society, and professor of Law, and by courtesy, of electrical engineering
Professor van Schewick is one of the world's leading experts on net neutrality. Her work has influenced net neutrality regimes in the U.S., Europe, Canada, and India. Her book Internet Architecture and Innovation is considered the seminal work on the science, economics, and policy of net neutrality.

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