The Intellectual Dark Web, Explained: What Jordan Peterson Has In Common w/ The Alt-Right w/ Henry Farrell

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Henry Farrell (@henryfarrell), professor of political science and international affairs at George Washington University, joins us to discuss his latest piece for Vox, “The intellectual dark web, explained: what Jordan Peterson has in common with the alt-right.”

On today’s show: Israeli forces kill at least 37 Palestinian protesters in Gaza; The Times runs a hideously euphemistic headline.

Henry Farrell joins us to break down this “intellectual dark web” nonsense. Once upon a time, folks like Kevin Williamson and Charles Murray had a place in the range of views the mainstream media deemed acceptable. How the market has shifted since then. On the need of the far right not just to air their views, but to have them represented on respectable platforms. The backlash reaction caused by multiculturalism. Farrell’s critique of Angela Nagle’s analysis of how SJW culture feeds the alt-right online. What’s our outlook for the future?

Listen to the interview at The Majority Report

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