Crowdsourced Lit Review: First Amendment Theory & Technology

Updated May 11, 2017. Keep your recommendations coming and I'll update periodically. 

Nailing down the definitive literature on First Amendment expressive freedoms is a tricky task. What’s the consensus among scholars about the classics? Even more complex is figuring out what emerging scholarship on the intersection of speech and press freedoms with new media technologies will have a lasting impact.

I put those questions to the most respected folks in my academic network, and they overwhelmed me with their generosity in providing thoughtful, detailed responses. This blog post collects their (anonymized) thoughts. I’ve found this resource incredibly useful as I dig into my dissertation, and no doubt the scholarly community will be better off by having all of their recommendations in one place.

This list is only a start. Let me know what I’ve overlooked (even if it’s your own work; don’t be shy) and I’ll update this post.


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______________, (2001).

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