Sound Policy Based on a Strong Legal Foundation: My Response to President Obama's Net Neutrality Plan

This morning, President Obama announced his plan to protect the open Internet and urged the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to adopt strong net neutrality rules based on Title II of the Communications Act. Here's my statement:

"Today's announcement was historic. President Obama has called upon the FCC to pursue the right legal path to keep the Internet free and open -- reclassification of Internet service under Title II of the Communications Act, coupled with strong, bright line net neutrality rules. Bright line rules provide certainty to the market, keep the costs of regulation low, and limit FCC overreach. By coupling reclassification with forbearance, the President's approach will allow the FCC to protect the free and open Internet while pursuing a light regulatory touch that protects Internet service providers' incentives to invest.

Today, the President showed that he listened to the overwhelming demand of the public: entrepreneurs, businesses, non-profits, educators, artists, and more than four million everyday Americans who don't want fast lanes online. The President's unequivocal support for strong rules under Title II will help protect the future of innovation, economic growth, and democratic discourse in America. Now, it's up to the FCC to take us to the finish line. The FCC must act immediately and vote on strong rules under Title II reclassification with forbearance. There is no reason for delay."

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