NSA Revelations At-A-Glance

For those following or researching the NSA disclosures by Edward Snowden (or privacy issues in general) this interactive chart will be a useful tool both for reference and in educating others about the scope of the surveillance situation at the moment -- such that we know about, obviously.

Courtesy of ProPublica, the chart organizes programs and activities based on whether they're bulk or targeted activities and/or if the targets are domestic or foreign in nature.  Each program is linked to a mainstream news article provding more details and context for a given activity.

Although somewhat subjective in program placement and fairly rudimentary (e.g., only one news article per program is linked) it's still a useful and reader-friendly reference to keep handy when explaining this complex subject to laypersons, and one of the nicest "intended for the general public" graphics I've come across on the matter.

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