Hearsay Culture shows number 150(!) and 151 with Jen Nails and Prof. Lewis Hyde posted

What a busy semester -- aside from doing Hearsay Culture, I've been teaching my two classes (Contracts and IP Survey), writing an article on social media and the Freedom of Information Act that I'll be presenting at North Carolina Law Review's symposium on social media and the law on Friday, working on other research projects, IP law advocacy efforts, and administrative matters, and applying for promotion and tenure.

Hence the two week delay in writing this post.

In May 2006, while I was a fellow at CIS, I started Hearsay Culture. I am humbled and honored to be posting my 150th show, October 13, my interview with Jen Nails of the Peoples Improv Theater. Jen is an accomplished actor and author, and I was excited to have her on the show to discuss her perspectives on technology as an author. We discussed a range of issues, from how technology is weaved into Jen's works to her perspective on technology as a tool to market books. I greatly enjoyed the conversation.

The second show, show #151, October 27 is my interview with Prof. Lewis Hyde of Kenyon College, author of Common As Air. Lewis has written a compelling work about and defense of the cultural commons based upon his wealth of experience as an author and teacher. We had a detailed discussion of the import of the commons and how we should conceive it as a cultural icon and marker. I have been an admirer of Lewis' work and was thrilled to engage him in conversation. I hope that you enjoy this set of author interviews!

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