Hearsay Culture show 135 -- John Tehranian -- and Spring Quarter schedule posted

I am pleased to post Show #135, March 15, my interview with Prof. John Tehranian of Chapman University School of Law, author of Infringement Nation.

John has written an insightful book that examines the different ways that modern users and creators of technology can (and do) violate US copyright law. In the process, John also takes on several standard views of copyright law, like the idea that the fair use defense is a strong defense to copyright infringement and has the right values in place, and proposes reforms to copyright law in the process. John's book was a pleasure to read and I enjoyed the interview!

I am also pleased to post the Spring Quarter schedule for the show. Look for the show at a new time, Tuesdays, 4:30-5:30pm pacific time. It promises to be another exciting and insightful quarter!

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