Hearsay Culture shows 132, 133 and 134 -- Michael Madison, Jamais Cascio and Siva Vaidhyanathan -- posted

I am pleased to post three more Hearsay Culture shows for this quarter. The first, Show 132, February 15, is my interview with Associate Dean Michael Madison of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. Mike's work on the cultural commons and its parameters is critical to our understanding of how knowledge is shared and under what conditions it can be disseminated efficiently and optimally. We focused on a recent article, Constructing Commons in a Cultural Environment, and I very much enjoyed the discussion.

The second show, Show 133, February 22 is my interview with Jamais Cascio, discussing Hacking the Earth. Jamais' work is among the most readable and insightful books on climate change that I have read. Jamais' focus is on geo-engineering, hence the title. We spent the hour discussing the myths and realities of geo-engineering and its ability to address the massive consequences of global climate change. Given the recent (and ongoing) tragic events in Japan, this conversation could not be more timely. I very much enjoyed the conversation.

The third show, Show 134, March 8, is my interview with Prof. Siva Vaidhyanathan of the University of Virginia, author of The Googlization of Everything. Siva's book focuses on the topic of "googlization," rather than Google exclusively. While we did discuss Google's role in technology and society at large, we focused more on the implications of Google's influence on how we organize and disseminate information generally. Siva's book is among the best to navigate the waters of search, and the conversation was fun.

One more show, today, March 15, with Prof. John Tehranian of Chapman University School of Law, author of Infringement Nation, before the interim break. Please look for the new schedule posted by the end of the month!

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