Hearsay Culture shows #129 and 130 -- Ryan Calo and Sarah Rose -- posted

I am pleased to post two more shows for the Winter Quarter. The first, Show #129, January 11, 2011, is my interview with CIS' own Ryan Calo, Director, Consumer Privacy Project. Ryan focuses on issues revolving around privacy and technology, and I was pleased to have him on the show discussing his article Privacy Harms. In this article, Ryan seeks to delineate the boundaries of what we might call a privacy harm, and what the ramifications are for such line-drawing. His work advances our understanding of what we mean by privacy, and I greatly enjoyed the conversation.

The second show, Show #130, January 18, is my interview with Sarah Rose, author of For All the Tea in China. Sarah has written a very readable and enjoyable account of the British effort to export (read: steal) tea from China (read: trade secrets) in the 18th Century. As a significant and largely unknown event in the history of the tea trade, and trade secrecy, I very much enjoyed having Sarah on the show to discuss her work.

More shows to be posted soon!

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