Convicted Murderer To Wikipedia: Shhh!

In 1990, Bavarian actor Walter Sedlmayr was brutally murdered. Two of his business associates were convicted, imprisoned for the crime, and recently paroled. Who killed Sedlmayr? Its a matter of public record, but if one of the men and his German law firm gets their way, Wikipedia (and EFF) will not be allowed to tell you. A few days ago, the online encyclopedia received a cease and desist letter from one of the convicts—represented by the aptly named German law firm Stopp and Stopp—demanding that the perpetrator's name be taken off of the Sedlmayr article page.

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Well one of the good things is that you cant police the entire internet and even if Wikipedia is forced to take the information down the story will live on somewhere else. I encourage every news media outlet to note this story so it will always be there.

I agree with Stevenhart. Wikipedia only published what is the truth about the case. And they were convicted therefore they have been proven guilty under the court of law.

Well, it was their negotiation and maybe there might be something beyond the cease and desist letter to have it removed from the record, lol!

This isn't the first time a convicted murderer is freed.
However, even if the suspects don't allow Wikipedia to publish their names on Walter Sedlmayr's profile, their names will still go down in history as convicted murderers. There's just no helping it. :D

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