Stanford FCC Hearing Highlights

Highlights of Thursday’s FCC hearing at Stanford in no particular order:

1. Finding myself nodding in vigorous agreement with the testimony of the Christian Coalition of America.
2. Professor Lessig’s introduction, during which he (implicitly) analogized leaving consumers alone with network owners to leaving children alone with tigers.
3. George Ford’s (literally) incomprehensible defense of network management. (“D** it! He’s using the Chewbacca defense!”)
4. Commissioner Deborah Taylor Tate’s claim that child pornography is a “multi-billion dollar segment” of our economy.
5. Ben Scott’s point that industry concessions are not the magic of the market at work, but the magic of regulatory threat at work.
6. The courage and poise of Robb Topolski, David to Comcast’s goliath.

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