Attorney advertising, ethical rules and the 1st amendment

Last week I moderated a panel at the Bar Association of San Francisco about the proposed California Rules of Professional Conduct 7.1-7.5 (governing attorney advertising & solicitation), the First Amendment, and use of blogs, wikis and podcasts by attorneys. Panelists Denise Howell, Ann Brick of the ACLU and Paul Vapnek were fantastic in explaining this conundrum and, in some cases, left me (and I expect others) with a feeling of cold comfort that the blogging and podcasting activities of many of us in the legal profession technically fall within our ethical obligations under the existing current California Rule 4-100.

Below is a list of links that were contained in the written materials for the program. In addition, has an article about one malpractice insurer's guidelines in response to blogging (bottom line: no "Dear Abby blogs") and and another article about the case challenging NY's new advertising rules which will be going to trial soon. Here are the links:

Recent news articles discussing attorney advertising issues, blogging issues:
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“N.Y. Firm Challenges New Attorney Ad Rules: Plaintiffs claim restrictions limit free speech and client access (02/05/07)
Will Law Firm Blogs Be Regulated as Advertising? (10/11/06)
Are Lawyers' Blogs Protected by the First Amendment? Why State Bar Regulation of Law Blogs As "Advertising" Would Be Elitist and Reductive” (10/16/06)
Blogging prosecutors raise some eyebrows (2/25/07) (SF

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About Blogging Policies:

Links to discussion and examples of creative uses of “Live Web” technology in legal practice:
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Legal Ethics Websites from the Bar:
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Links to Nike v. Kasky case information (re: commercial speech doctrine):
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NYT Article

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