Without Regulation, GPS Technology Easily Abused by Authorities

Article by Director of Civil Liberties Jennifer Granick for US News. 

Police should be required to get authorization from a judge before they use technological gadgets to follow you 24/7. That's what the Geolocation Privacy and Surveillance Act would require.
There's a reason people feel creeped out when they think someone is tracking their movements. Being followed is scary and invasive. Curious officers can learn about your trips to the cancer screening clinic, the psychiatrist, the plastic surgeon, the AIDS treatment center, the strip club, the divorce attorney, the union meeting, the mosque, synagogue, or church from the safety of the precinct. Your personal, professional, religious, and sexual conduct is easy and inexpensive to track down. If I'm a bad cop, and some are, I can abuse this information to blackmail, to bolster an otherwise inadequate legal case, to harass, and to threaten.
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