WikiLeaks postings of Turkish emails included active links to malware

"“Wikileaks does not appear to operate within any particular principles with regard to information dumps. The ad hoc nature of their leaks means that they are often acting irresponsibly and amorally, within an ethic that simply declares that secrets are, by definition, suspicious. Thus, WikiLeaks would likely take the position that the second question is not their problem,” said Dave Levine, an associate professor of law at the Elon University School of Law and an affiliate scholar at the Center of Internet and Society at Stanford Law School, in an email interview with

“A simple dumping of the data cache is irresponsible and dangerous. Putting politics and ethics aside for a moment, the group at least should have examined the trove for malware and removed it from their public archive as a matter of good cybersecurity practice,” stated Richard Forno, assistant director of University of Maryland, Baltimore County's Center for Cybersecurity, in a separate email interview with"