Wickr Announces New Interface, App And Advisory Board

The Wickr team is brought together by the strong belief that private correspondence is a universal human right that is extremely important to a free society. Each day, the team works hard to bring this right to everyone, for free.

To bring private correspondence to the entire populace, it is going to take a team of world-class cryptographers, privacy advocates, policy experts, peace negotiators, internet rights activists, technologists and business geniuses. So that is exactly what we have assembled.

Wickr is supported by a powerhouse of advisors dedicated to defending this basic human right, including: 
• Brian Behlendorf - Apache, WEF, Mozilla, EFF
• Ambassador Joseph DeTrani - Peace Negotiator, State, CIA
• Whitfield Diffie - Cryptography God
• Jerry Dixon - Former CyberCzar, DHS
• Cory Doctorow - Sci-Fi Author, BoingBoing
• Sue Dorf - IMG, Olympics
• Lauren Gelman - Former Stanford, EFF
• Lesley Gold - Former CNN, DNC
• Dan Kaminsky - Saved the Internet
• Paul Kocher - Cryptography God