Top iPhone Hackers Ask Court to Protect Apple From the FBI

"On Thursday, a group of those iPhone hackers and other security researchers filed an amicus brief siding with Apple in its intensifying legal battle over the FBI’s court order to assist in cracking an encrypted iPhone that belonged to San Bernadino killer Syed Rizwan Farook. Those security experts include Miller, a former elite NSA hacker; Dino Dai Zovi, a well-known Apple hacker and co-author of the iOS Hacker’s Handbook; and Jonathan Zdziarski, a top iPhone forensics expert who has built tools for police to analyze seized iPhones in the past; as well as computer security and crypto experts Dan Boneh, Bruce Schneier and Dan Wallach. Their brief was prepared by lawyers Jennifer Granick and Riana Pfefferkorn of Stanford’s Center for Internet and Society."