Is TikTok out of time? Experts mull implications of ban

"“I am not aware of the app collecting more or qualitatively different data than other social media platforms. I do think TikTok has become the latest lightning rod in the escalating techno-trade clash between China and the U.S.,” said Omer Tene, VP and chief knowledge officer at the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), affiliate scholar at the Stanford Center for Internet and Society and a senior fellow at the Future of Privacy Forum.

Tene said the talk of banning TikTok is “grounded in its ownership by a Chinese company. This echoes the larger – and more fateful – debate surrounding Huawei’s push for leadership in the global 5G market and the counter push by the U.S. government to prevent Chinese access to telecom infrastructure in the U.S. and EU.”"